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Service Tax

Service Tax in India:
Dear MyVideoTalkers,
With recent events by the government to mandate new policies in India in regards to  the Direct Selling Industry, It has come to our attention the issue of foreign company’s selling streaming services in India. These companies would be subjected to service tax for their products in regards to downloads, e-books, streaming movies, music, cloud services, web subscriptions, advertising and gaming to name a few.
The MyVideoTalk Velocity platform is non of these services and would not be subjected to any type of service tax by the Indian Government. So again we’ve remain complaint with the Indian Government by not charging service tax and keeping the price of the product at it’s bare minimum for the market.
Our legal team as well as our accounting team’s are well versed with the Indian laws and regulations and will continue to monitor the new laws and regulations in the Indian Market. At any time if we will  be required to charge any type of taxes in the future, we will be happy to comply and let each of you know.
Any grievances you may have please email grievances@myvideotalk.com
Thank you,
MVT Support Team.

Refund Policy

Brand New for India, you now get a 30 day refund Policy.


Any one having any field, company or product related issues that is not a registered independent representative of the company can simply email us grievances@myvideotalk.com to get your questions and concerns answered in a timely manner.

Any Registered Independent Representatives can simply go to our support ticket system and create a new ticket in the grievance tab.

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