MyVideoTalk FAQ Page

Check List For Compliance


Clause 1. Definitions:


Question: Since Velocity is a video streaming service ; it has to be included in the service list of Consumer Protection act 1986?

Answer: MVT Velocity is a Digital Media Service and has been added to the Memorandum of Association (MOA).

Clause 2. Conditions for the setting up of Direct Selling Business.


Question: Do we have Registered Indian Entity with activity of Velocity through direct selling?

Answer: Yes we do. The company is called Team Effort Network Health Pvt. Ltd. and a copy of the R.O.C. is here.

Question: Will a Mandatory Orientation Be Provided By the Company?

Answer: Yes we will provide Orientations in the City of Mumbai once a month starting in January 2017. You will have to attend these at your own expense to come to Mumbai but there will be no cost to you for the orientation program.

Question: Inclusion of 30 Days Money Back Guarantee clause in terms and conditions?

Answer: We’ve update the new refund policy in our terms and conditions as well as our refund policy on the website.

Question: Inclusion of cooling off period clause in terms and conditions?

Answer: You will be given a 7 day cooling off period and this is updated in our terms and conditions

Question: Do we have a Physical office with Staff approachable to Consumers and direct sellers with Information and redressal of Grievance Office for IRs?

Answer: Yes we do have a corporate office and staff available for I.R.’s and Consumers to come to our office. Corporate Office address is listed on the website and will open in January 2017. We will only allow people to come to the office via confirmed appointments via email or global support ticket.

Clause 3: Conditions for conduct of Direct Selling Business.


Question: Will we Issue Identity Cards/ documents by the Indian Company to all active IRs

Answer: Every I.R. will be able to download their identity card from there back office.

Question: Will we Maintain a Register of Direct Sellers with ID proof? Will all the details including office address and TEI authorized direct selling India entity and all should be there in the proper and updated website?

Answer: We maintain a register of all I.R.’s already which is known as our “database”. We will hold all commissions until i.d. proofs are submitted to the support team in a ticket. This is private information and will not be displayed on any website. Furthermore company office address is on the website as well as a copy of our Trade License.

Question: Does the Website have space for consumer complaints?

Answer: Due to immense security threat of hacking, no one will be able to upload anything to our websites or your replicated websites. All Costumer Complaints can be emailed to a designated Support Team Member, which will be listed on the website. All I.R’s will still be required to submit any complaints to our Global Support Ticket System.

Question: Since the Indian company will be the company on ground for Velocity; so Service tax or vat matter has to be complied?

Answer: Service Tax and/or Vat does not apply for MVT Velocity at all. We’ve checked this with our Lawyers and Accountants and they have all said that since no items or products are being physically sold in India, we are not required to charge Service Tax and/or VAT. There is no payments being made in India to Corporate at any time.

Question: Does the Velocity Sign up have a “No Entry Fee”?

Answer: There will be no entry/registration fee for India. You will be allowed to sign up for Free and activate your product package within 7 days of your free enrollment. These 7 days also represent your “cooling off” period as well.

Question: Is there a Renewal Charge or Mandatory Monthly Subscription?

Answer: There will be no renewal fee for India anymore. With that said we will be giving you MVT Velocity Product for the period of 1 year with your product purchase. You will be given an opportunity to buy another year of service at a wholesale price that will be emailed to you prior to your service running out. As everyone is aware that there is no mandatory monthly subscription for MVT Velocity or any MVT product line for the past 11 years in India.

Clause 4: Conditions for Direct Selling contract between Direct Seller/Distributor and Direct Selling Entity.


Question: Do we have a Proper written agreement between Direct selling entity and direct seller based on Indian Contract Act?

Answer: At the time of Sign up everyone clicks that they accept the terms and conditions and policys and procedures of the company. This is your contract to the company and it is easily printable in your back office.

Clause 5: Certain obligations of Direct Sellers

Question: Is there a separate section in Global Support Tab for complaints and that has to be in accordance when the complaint is done over phone or in the office?

Answer: We do not take complaints over the phone and or physically at any corporate office around the world. All I.R.’S will be requested to submit a support ticket and a new category will be created in support for such matters.

Question: Have you formed a grievance redressal committee consisting of three officers from the company?

Answer: 3 Members of the Global Senior Management Team will be on this Committee.